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Below we offer a comprehensive listing of calculators across our site. Calculators are organized by major category and subcategory within each category. We still have about 50 more calculators scheduled for release, though we figured it made sense to launch the size as is and update it incrementally so we can collect user feedback and improve our process as we go.

If you have a request for a calculator you would like to see us make please contact us at moc.ylgip@ofni using the subject line PIGLY CUSTOM CALCULATOR REQUEST.

Budget Calculators

Budget Planning

Opportunity Cost

Savings Calculators

Building Your Savings

Reaching Your Savings Goals

Measuring Your Net Worth

Investment Calculators

Track Your Investment Performance

Retirement Calculators

Retire in Comfort

Loan Calculators



Biweekly Payments


Credit Card Calculators

Track Your Credit Card Usage

Debt Calculators

Debt Repayment

Debt Investment

Automotive Calculators

Auto Loans

Automobile Affordability

Loan Payment Options

Lease or Buy?

Fuel Ecoonomy Calculators

Mortgage Calculators

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Adjustable Rate & Interest Only Loans

Refinancing Your Home

Home Loan Qualification

Estimate Home Affordability

Payment Plans to Pay Off Your Home Loan Early

Home Equity Loans & HELOCs

Home Sellers

Business Calculators

Track Your Business Performance

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Still looking for more things to do on our site? You're in luck. :)

Celebrating Pigly

We offer a diverse collection of calculators and created a diverse range of graphics to celebrate the Pigly ethos. :)

Below are hand-drawn illustrations to represent Pigly's personality.

Sharing is caring! You are welcome to use these hand drawn images on social media or any website you operate, though we ask you please cite the source.


Saving Money is No Game!

Some aspects of building a budget and saving for a rainy day can be made to feel like a game, but for most people keeping up with personal finances can be hard work. You never know when a car will break down or when there will be an illness in the family.

We offer a thrifty (free!) online video game where players add coins to a piggy bank. :)

Piggy Bank Adventure.

Going hog wild, we added over a half-dozen other games to our mini pig-themed online arcade.

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