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Use this calculator to figure the PITI mortgage payments on a home inclusive of principal, interest, property taxes and insurance. Enter the size of the home to calculate the cost per square foot. When entering down payment, property taxes & homeowners insurance you can enter these figures as dollar amounts using the fields to the right or as percent of the home's value using the fields to the left. When you are done with your calculation you can click the botton at the bottom of the calculator to generate an amortization schedule.

Mortgage Basics

Home purchase price:
Down payment:
Mortgage loan amount:
Mortgage term in years:
Interest rate (APR %):
Property mortgage insurance (PMI):

Other Homeownership Costs

Annual taxes
Annual insurance
Annual maintanence
Monthly HOA fees:

Home Size

Square footage:

Monthly & Yearly Payments

Monthly principal and interest payment:
Monthly taxes, insurance, and fees:
Total monthly ownership cost:
Total annual ownership cost:

Cost Per Square Foot

Cost per square foot (price / sq. ft.):
Annual ownership cost per square foot:
Fully financed cost per square foot:

Create An Amortization Schedule

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