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Welcome to Pigly, your reliable source for all things related to personal finance. Our calculators make running the numbers fun and simple, aiding you in making smart financial decisions.


A 2018 survey by the Federal Reserve indicated 40% of Americans would not be able to cover a $400 emergency with cash, savings, or a credit card they could quickly pay off.

Alarmed by the above, we thought it made sense to create a site to help people solve personal finance issues. One of our most in-depth pieces of content is a feature-rich guide teaching kids how to build an emergency savings fund. This guide offers lesson plans by grade level for making important personal finance decisions throught life.

We are a group of math nerds who are also talented IT and communication professionals who are dedicated to providing consumers a free suite of online calculators to help save you time and money all year long.

A Calculator for Every Need!

We provide a diverse range of helpful tools including savings, mortgage, credit cards, vehicles, loans, debt, budgeting, investing, retirement planning and business.

Our online calculators are reviewed by experts to ensure accuracy and reliability, with periodic updates adding new features based on user feedback. Usage is free without requiring registration. Evergreen guides compliment our calculators. These articles are researched and edited by our in-house team of seasoned senior researchers, writers, editors and designers.

For inquiries regarding any of our calculators or requests for additional ones, please don't hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to moc.ylgip@ofni.

About Our Name

The name was chose because it sounded slightly whimsical while being short, memorable and available in the .com extension for a reasonable price.

The desire for this site is to provide sound financial advice in a way that is practical, helpful and memorable.

This website was launched in September 2019 after the domain name was purchased on GoDaddy Auctions on September 9th for $521. Typically similar names would cost around $5,000 to $20,000 on the secondary market, which is certainly more than we could afford, so finding this name was great luck.

Your Privacy

Pigly.com is a self-funded project created by our team. It does not carry any advertisements and does not sell user data to third parties. Your privacy is protected using secure socket layer encryption technology.

This website uses the Clicky web analytics service to track user engagement to further improve the website.

School Usage

Our website is both free and ad-free. We provide a complete history of calculation going back to the abacus. Our calculators and educational guides have been widely recommended by schools, teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and community resource guides around the world. Below is a small sample of some of the hundreds of websites which have shared our useful calculators and recommended our website.

CSUSB Logo. Iowa University Logo. Stony Brook University Logo.
Auburn University Logo.Millersville University Logo. Mensa Gifted Children's Resources Logo.

Opportunity Santa Fe. NSTA Logo.

Every recommendation helps us grow the site further and we appreciate everyone who shares our site! :)

Our Founding Team

Collectively we have well over 20 years of experience in web development and online publishing. While we have periodically worked with a couple other people to help out in specific areas, our core team members are listed below.

Angelica Landicho

Angelica Landicho is an online marketer who specializes in building website awareness and brand recognition through promoting featured content pieces.

She has a grauduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and loves the constant evolution and diversity of the online publishing industry.

When she isn't working she loves playing her guitar and kalimba. She is fond of collecting anime figures and binge-watching anime.

Angelica can be reached at moc.ylgip@acilegna

Luigi Villa

Luigi Villa is a web, graphics, and UI designer from the Philippines. He's been working professionally for 8 years, mostly in the website design and digital marketing industry. Lately he's been invested in digital art, illustrations and data visualizations.

As a game enthusiast and movie geek, he's been amazed with the work that is done in films and game development. Curious and driven, he doesn't settle for mediocrity and continues to polish his skills as a designer.

Some of the artists he looks up to are Monet, Kim Jung Gi, and Peter Mohrbacher.

Luigi can be reached at moc.ylgip@igiul

Joey Abuyuan

Jose Ma. Gabriel Abuyuan is a web content writer, fictionist, and digital artist hailing from Las Piñas City, with over a decade of professional writing experience behind him.

A graduate of Communication and Media Studies at San Beda College Alabang, he took his internship in the weekly news magazine the Philippines Graphic. Over the years, he has taken on various topics over the years ranging from business, real estate, personal finance, and health and fitness. His chief topics of interest include history, art, popular culture, media criticism, and the natural sciences.

An artist by nature, he has enjoyed working on various creative projects over the years. Many of his creative works—be they literary works, cartoons, paintings, or video game projects —are typically drawn from his extensive range of interests. Chief among his aesthetic influences is the late Bob Ross.

Joey can be reached at moc.ylgip@yeoj

Media Inquiries


While our site is relatively new we have already been featured on sites like Crunchbase as well as in the mainstream and financial media. Our site has been showcased in a variety of trusted media sources ranging from:

  • Automotive news website Motor Verso
  • Female empowerment site Girltalk HQ
  • Personal finance blogs including debt expert Lauren Grentman & Ryan Luke's Arrest Your Debt
  • The official website of the nationally syndicated The Money Pit radio show. The show has been featured on JEOPARDY and was named among “America’s 100 Most Important Radio Shows” by Talkers Magazine.

Crunchbase Logo.Motor Verso Logo.Arrest Your Debt logo.The Money Pit logo.

Girltalk HQ logo. Lauren Greutman Logo.

If you have questions about our site please contact us at moc.ylgip@ofni using the subject line PIGLY MEDIA REQUEST.

Our Site Map


Below we offer a comprehensive listing of calculators across our site. Calculators are organized by major category and subcategory within each category.



We still have about 50 more calculators scheduled for release, though we figured it made sense to launch the size as is and update it incrementally so we can collect user feedback and improve our process as we go.



If you have a request for a calculator you would like to see us make please contact us at moc.ylgip@ofni using the subject line PIGLY CUSTOM CALCULATOR REQUEST.


Budget Calculators

Budget Planning

Opportunity Cost

Savings Calculators

Building Your Savings

Reaching Your Savings Goals

Measuring Your Net Worth

Investment Calculators

Track Your Investment Performance

Retirement Calculators

Retire in Comfort

Loan Calculators



Biweekly Payments


Credit Card Calculators

Track Your Credit Card Usage

Debt Calculators

Debt Repayment

Debt Investment

Automotive Calculators

Auto Loans

Automobile Affordability

Loan Payment Options

Lease or Buy?

Fuel Ecoonomy Calculators

Mortgage Calculators

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Adjustable Rate & Interest Only Loans

Refinancing Your Home

Home Loan Qualification

Estimate Home Affordability

Payment Plans to Pay Off Your Home Loan Early

Home Equity Loans & HELOCs

Home Sellers

Business Calculators

Track Your Business Performance

More Calculators




Still looking for more things to do on our site? You're in luck. :)

Celebrating Pigly

We offer a diverse collection of calculators and created a diverse range of graphics to celebrate the Pigly ethos. :)

Below are hand-drawn illustrations to represent Pigly's personality.

Sharing is caring! You are welcome to use these hand drawn images on social media or any website you operate, though we ask you please cite the source.


Saving Money is No Game!

Some aspects of building a budget and saving for a rainy day can be made to feel like a game, but for most people keeping up with personal finances can be hard work. You never know when a car will break down or when there will be an illness in the family.

We offer a thrifty (free!) online video game where players add coins to a piggy bank. :)

Piggy Bank Adventure.

Going hog wild, we offfer a dozen other games to our pig-themed online arcade. :)

Is This Website for Sale?

The above contact information is published for members of the media who want to share our site, and people who have interest in giving feedback to help us further improve the website.

We have put a lot of effort into building Pigly and plan on working on improving it further for many years to come as it is just starting to take off after the first year. Each day we keep improving the site further as it grows.

We appreciate the flattering acquisition offers people have made, but we have no interest in selling this site. We are also not looking for investors as we want to maintain full editorial control over our site and do not want to become beholden to any third party.

We are a small team and are an entirely self-funded project, but our goal in the coming years is to build a widely-known website like Credit Karma or Nerd Wallet.

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