MLM Downstream Member Calculator


This simple calculator helps people participating in multilevel marketing schemes estimate the size of their downstream & the potential estimated monthly commission they could earn.

Enter the amount of personal volume you expect each partner to produce, how many members you expect each member to recruit in the following downstream level, what percent of members you expect to recruit others & we will automatically estimate the downstream size.

After entering your initial estimates you can then manualy adjust the commission levels by tier & any other stats. This calculator is helpful if you want to automatically estimate downstream size by tier, but if you want to manually enter the data you may prefer our MLM commission calculator.

Enter Your Starting Info

Average personal volume per partner
Recruitment per level members @ %


Commission %



Total monthly commission

Pigly's Tip

Be warry of any program which has large upfront fees and tells you how much you will earn 20 levels deep. If each member managed to recruit 4 other members then by the time you get to the 20th level there would be 1,099,511,627,776 members at that tier. Unfortunately for that math, there are not that many people alive today. The world's population today is around 7.7 billion and 100 billion people have lived throughout human history - less than 1/10th the above calculation.

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