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This page offers two calculators to help homeowners estimate how much equity they can extract from their home when they refinance and figure what their monthly payments will be on their new home loan. The first tab calculates the loan size you can qualify for and the second tab calculates your monthly payments. These calculators presume you want to extract equity from your home. If you want to refinance without extracting equity, please instead use either our standard refinancing calculator or our mortgage consolidation calculator. Once you have entered all of your details you can use the button at the bottom of the calculator to create a printable amortization schedule.

Your Property & Mortgage Info

Appraised value of property ($):
Current mortgage balance ($):

Enter LTV Ratios

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Your Mortgage Refinance Qualification Results

Percent Appraised:
Max debt:
Less existing debt:
Your credit limit:
Remaining home equity:

Home Loan Info

Home price:
Current equity or desired remaining equity:
Loan amount:
Annual interest rate (APR):
Mortgage loan term (years):

Closing Costs

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Additional closing costs:
Finance closing costs?

Other Monthly Expenses

Annual real estate taxes:
Annual homeowners insurance:
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI):
Monthly HOA:
Annual home maintenance:

Monthly Payments

Monthly principal and interest:
Monthly taxes, insurance & HOA:
Monthly PMI payment:
Total monthly mortgage payment:
Average monthly repairs:
Total monthly ownership costs:

Loan Overview

Loan Amount:
Loan to Value (LTV):
Minimum down to bypass PMI:
Number of PMI payments:
Total PMI cost:
Total closing costs:
Total interest paid:
Total financing expenses:

Create a Printable Amortization Table

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