Car Operating Cost Calculator


This calculator will help you to estimate the cost of owning and operating your automobile.

Vehicle Purchase Information

Vehicle price including options:
Sales-tax percentage:
Annual cost of licensing this vehicle:
Extended warranty cost:

Auto Finance Information

Will you be financing this vehicle?:
Down-payment amount:
Financing rate (APR %):
Loan term in years:

Recurring Vehicle Operating Expenses

Annual insurance premium:
Miles you expect to drive per year:
Vehicle's estimated Miles Per Gallon rating:
Local cost of gasoline per gallon:
How old is the car?:
How many years do you expect to own this car?:
Estimated monthly maintenance and repair cost:

Enter Vehicle Depreciation Rates?

Each year in the table below is a percent of the original vehicle purchase price. If you buy a used car which is 1 year old and own it for 5 years, then your purchase prise will be used as the initial price and years 2 through 6 will be used to calculate depreciation. For any year after 10 a 1% rate of depreciation is used by default. For classic cars which do not depreciate & instead appreciate you can enter a negative number in these fields & they will be treated as a rate of appreciation instead of depreciation.


Percent Depreciation


Your Automotive Operating Costs

Tax, License, and Extended Warranty Costs:
Depreciation costs:
Finance costs:
Insurance costs:
Fuel costs:
Maintenance & Repair Costs:
Total cost of buying and owning the car:
Annual cost to own and operate this vehicle:
Cost per mile:

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