Fixed vs ARM Mortgage Payment Calculator


This calculator that will help you to compare a fixed rate mortgage with a fully-amortizing adjustable rate mortgage (ARM).

Basic Loan Structure

Home Price:
Down Payment:
Mortgage loan amount:
Mortgage loan term:

Fixed Rate

Fixed interest rate (APR %):

Adjustable Rates

Beginning interest rate (APR %):
Months before first rate adjustment:
Expected initial adjustment (%):
Months between subsequent adjustments:
Expected subsequent adjustment (%):
Interest rate cap (%):

Other Homeownership Expenses

Annual real estate taxes:
Annual homeowners insurance:
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI):
Monthly HOA dues:

Your Results



Beginning monthly principal and interest payment:
Monthly Taxes, Insurance, PMI and dues:
Beginning monthly payment with dues:
Total monthly P&I payments:
Total interest:
Maximum monthly P&I payment:
Maximum monthly payment with dues:

Create Amortization Schedules

Loan Origination Date:

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