1031 Exchange Calculator


Use this calculator to quickly figure out how much tax you can defer by performing a 1031 exchange rather than making a taxable property sale.

Your Property Investment Info

Original purchase price ($):
Capital improvements ($):
Accumulated depreciation ($):
Sales price ($):
Selling expenses ($):
Federal capital gains rate (%):
State capital gains rate (%):
Mortgage loan balances at sale ($):

Your Capital Gains

Net adjusted basis:
Capital gain:
Depreciation recapture (25%):

State & Federal Income Taxes

Federal capital gains tax:
State capital gains tax:
Total taxes due:

Equity & Reinvestment

Gross equity:
After-tax equity:
Sale reinvestment (after-tax equity X 4):
Exchange reinvestment (gross equity X 4):

1031 Exchange Deadline Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the 45 & 180 day 1031 tax exchange deadlines.

  • 45 Day Deadline: A potential like-kind replacement property must be identified & shared with your qualified intermediary no later than midnight on the 45th calendar day following the close of the relinquished property sale transaction.
  • 180 Day Deadline: The 1031 exchange transaction must be completed. All like-kind replacement titles must be properly conveyed. The must be completed before each of the following
    1. midnight of the 180th calendar day following the close of the relinquished propert sale
    2. Federal income tax return due date for the year in which the relinquished property was sold, including any filing extensions

Deadline Dates

Actual Deadlines

Relinquished property transfer date:
45th day:
180th day:

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