Automobile Affordability Calculator


This calculator will help you to compute how much car you can afford given your current savings along with any trade-in credits. This calculator aims to be quite comprehensive, including other costs of vehicle ownership like fuel, insurance, and vehicle maintenance. If you wish to exclude these other variables then enter zero for the gas price, monthly insurance, and maintenance expenses.

Loan Structure & Budget

Total monthly vehicle ownership expense you can afford ($):
Expected annual interest rate (APR %):
Loan term in years:

Savings & Credits

Down payment amount you have saved ($):
Cash rebate to be added to down payment ($):
Value of your trade-in ($):
Owed on trade trade-in ($):

Additional Upfront Expenses

Vehicle licensing & registration ($):
Local sales tax (%):

Monthly Operating Expenses

Monthly insurance ($):
Monthly repair & maintenance expenses ($):
Cost of a gallon of gas ($):
Estimated Vehicle MPG Rating:
Monthly miles driven:

Your Results

You will be able to afford a vehicle that costs:
Sales tax due:
Downpayment after sales tax & registration:
Loan amount you would need to qualify for:
Monthly fuel, insurance & maintenance:
Monthly vehicle loan principal & interest payment:

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