Remaining Mortgage Balance Calculator


Are you unsure of what your current mortgage balance is or what it will be after a set number of payments? Use this calculator to quickly calculate the current or a future balance at a specific number of time. Enter your loan interest rate, term, and the amount borrowed and we will automatically calculate the principal and interest portion of the loan. If you made different P&I payments you can overwrite the default payment associated with your loan's amortization schedule.

After completing the top portion of the calculator enter any of the following 3 to calculate the loan's balance: payments made, payments remaining, or the month and date of the first payment you made. Once you fill out any of these 3 options we will automatically calculatoe the current loan balance.

Enter Your Mortgage Info

Original mortgage amount:
Annual interest rate (APR %):
Original repayment term (# of years):
Original monthly principal & interest payment:

Enter Any of the Following Three Options

Option #1 - Select month and enter the 4-digit year of first payment:
Option #2 - Number of payments made:
Option #3 - Number of payments remaining:

Your Results

Number of mortgage payments made:
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Estimated mortgage balance:

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