Debt to Income Ratio Calculator


Use this calculator to determine your front end and back end debt to income ratios. The front end ratio measures the ratio of your income which is devoted to housing-related expenses. The backend ratio adds your other monthly debt obligations to the front end ratio. Generally speaking, lenders prefer borrowers who have a frontend DTI of 28% or below & a backend DTI of 36% or below. Borrowers above these levels may still qualify for lending but at higher interest rates.

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Your Housing Expenses

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Annual Property Tax:
Annual homeowners insurance:
Monthly HOA:

Your Other Monthly Debt Obligations

Total of all monthly car/vehicle payments:
Total of all monthly student debt payments:
Total of all monthly minimum credit card card payments (Visa, Mastercard, dept. store, etc.):
Other monthly consumer loan payments:
Other monthly obligations:
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Your Results

Your total income:
Your monthly home payments:
Your front end debt ratio:
Your total monthly payments:
Your back end debt ratio:

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