ARM APR Calculator


This calculator helps homebuyers determine the effective interest rate (APR) of an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) when including the upfront closing costs in the ARM mortgage calculations along with anticipated rate shifts. This calculator is for ARM loans & we also offer a similar APR calculator for fixed-rate mortagages.

ARM Loan Term & Structure

Home Price:
Down Payment:
Mortgage loan amount:
Beginning interest rate (APR %):
Current index (%):
Margin (%):
Mortgage loan term:

Home Loan Closing Costs

Origination fee (%):
Discount points paid (%):
Other fees to include:

Periodic Rate Adjustments

Number of months before first rate adjustment:
Number of months between adjustments:
Maximum adjustment (%):

Here is Your Effective Interest Rate

Total closing costs:
Beginning monthly principal and interest payment:
Fully indexed payment:
Total monthly payments:
Total interest:
Adjustable rate mortgage APR:

Create an Amortization Schedule

Loan Origination Date:

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