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We offer a free collection of a dozen ad-free online pig-themed games just for fun. Our favorite games are minesweeper and the simple & short (though cute!) physics-based puzzle games. We also offer a couple mobile-related games where you jump vertically or run side to side while avoiding enemies. All games should work cross-platform (e.g. Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, etc.) so long as you are using a modern web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave, etc.) and have JavaScript enabled.

Piggy Bank Adventure

Piggy Bank Adventure is a 24-level physics-based game where a rolling coin collects stars and is deposited in a piggy bank. Players must cut the string tied to the coin in order to have the coin roll down the correct path like a Japanese Pachinko machine. Most levels are quite easy, though some require hitting a couple strings consecutively in short order.

Piggy Bank Adventure.

Flappy Pig

Flappy Pig is a flying pig mobile tap game inspired by the hit mobile game Flappy Bird. Players move a flying pig through pipes. Hit one and it is game over. Who said when pigs fly?

Flappy Pig.

Pig Minesweeper

Pig Minesweeper is a swine's take on the traditional minesweeper game. The playing field comes with three default difficulty levels and the ability to set your own.

Pig Minesweeper.

Save the Pig

Save the Pig is a 10-level physics-based game where a pig collects stars while walking right but must not step on spikes or it dies. By default the pig exits the screen to the right.

Save the Pig.

Love Pig

Love Pig is a 10-level platform game where a male pig must avoid spinning blades while jumping across to save a female pig at the end of each level. Players can collect up to 3 coins on each level. If the pig hits a sharp object or falls off the platform it will die.

Love Pig.

Piggy Roll

Piggy Roll is a physics-based game where a player taps on a pig to turn it from a square to a circle & taps it again to turn back into a square. The pig rolls down to collect stars and reach a basket of candy. Higher levels of this 15-stage game get more challenging as they have deadly spikes and a switch to reverse gravity.

Piggy Roll.

Candy Pig

Candy Pig is similar to Piggy Roll, except the pig uses its legs to reach out and pull itself across instead of rolling across the game field. The game has 9 levels and is quite easy to beat. You can replay any level starting on that level if you missed a star.

Candy Pig.

Piglet Escape

Piglet Escape is a physics puzzle platforming game where a piglet jumps from orange pegs while collecting stars and then exit the level. The player controls the direction and force of the jump, though only has any control of the piglet when it is attached to an orange peg. Touching sharp objects, rolling off the screen, or hitting the ground where you do not roll to another orange peg ends the game.

Piglet Escape.

Oink Run

Oink Run is a fast-paced running, jumping and flying horizontal platform game where the screen automatically scrolls constantly. The pig collects diamonds while avoiding enemies like poisonous muchrooms. Left clicking on the mouse does a small jump while hitting the spacebar can lead to a higher jump. Hitting the space bar twice leads to a double jump.

Oink Run.


Pig is a slow-paced vertical platform game where your jump height is determined based on how long you click on the mouse. If you do not jump high enough you fall and die, whereas if you jump too high your head hits the spikes on the roof and you die.

Pig Game.

Save the Love

Save the Love is a vertical game where a pig must collect fuel while avoiding birds by sliding left and right as he tries to make his way up to a UFO which stole his loved one. Fuel allows your pig's rocket to fly higher. If a bird hits you the game is over.

Save the Love.


CandyPig is a game where a cute pig on wheels rolls side to side to avoid bombs while eating various delicious candies.

CandyPig Game.

Run Pig Run

Run Pig Run is a snake avoiding game where the pig runs back and forth. This game has simple retro graphics. Each time you click the left click button on your mouse the pig changes the direction it is running.

Run Pig Run.

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